Irrigation Chattanooga, TN One of the most critical installations in the landscape is the irrigation system. It must be well-planned and installed only by experts to ensure the health and proper growth of plantings and other softscape elements. Without an efficient watering system, plants will wither and die or become susceptible to pests and diseases.

The type of irrigation system that will be installed in the lawn or landscape is another factor that must be considered by property owners. Choosing the wrong one can result in overwatering of plants and water wastage. Poor installation will also result in inefficient coverage of the lawn area or cause damage to other landscape elements. Lastly, an inefficient system will increase the cost of landscape maintenance due to huge water consumption.

You can simply avoid these scenarios by hiring competent contractors. At Dreamscapes, LLC, we ensure the efficiency of every irrigation system that we install by planning carefully and using the finest materials available. We are known for our water-efficient designs and durable installation of customized watering systems. We have already completed numerous installation projects in Chattanooga, East Ridge, Cleveland, Red Bank, Walden, Dunlap, Collegedale, Soddy-Daisy, Kimball, Jasper, TN.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is considered as the most efficient watering system for landscapes. If you opt for this type, you can dramatically reduce your water consumption. The main advantage of the drip type is its design. The system provides plantings with sufficient amount of water by using a network of pipes, valves, tubing, and emitters. Water drips onto the roots of the plants at a very low rate, so water wastage is avoided and the plantings get the right amount of nutrients.

Irrigation Systems

The specific irrigation system that you will need for your landscape depends on several factors, such as the kinds of plantings in your landscape, the grass variety, the topography of the area, the existing features, and your future plans for the outdoor area. You have to consider these factors during the design stage to avoid costly reinstallation. Moreover, the design should allow for easy modification or upgrading, especially if you have other plans for your existing landscape. Meanwhile, the sprinkler and drip type are the two most popular irrigation systems today. We also recommend these systems because they are water-efficient and easy to set up. Our crews are properly trained to install these types, so clients can expect reliable and long-lasting watering systems in their properties.

Sprinkler Systems

The health of your lawn will be compromised if you have a poorly installed sprinkler system. You can avoid this problem by hiring experienced and certified irrigation installers. They have the capabilities to install the right types of sprinkler systems in your property and ensure their optimum performance. In our case, we have knowledgeable and highly skilled crews who can guarantee the excellent installation of all types of sprinklers. Moreover, we use only premium products to ensure the longevity of our installed systems. From rotary sprinklers and spray heads to rotors and controllers, we source them only from leading brands like Hunter, Toro, and RainBird.

Meanwhile, we can also design and install automated irrigation system at a client-friendly rate. Just call our hotline to learn more about this package.


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