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Artificial Turf, Chattanooga, TN

A vibrant, healthy lawn instantly improves the aesthetic appeal of your home and creates an inviting outdoor living space. The right turfgrass looks excellent and feels lush underfoot. Transforming your yard with a flawless turf installation takes skill and care, and attempting DIY sodding may lead to an uneven lawn and waste time and money.

Our turf experts at DreamScapes handle every detail to help you achieve a picture-perfect lawn. With over 25 years of experience, we excel in turf installation for residential and commercial properties throughout Chattanooga, TN.

Our Turf Installation Process

Our team follows a systematic approach to these jobs:

  • We begin every turf project with a site survey and consultation. This allows us to assess your landscape, ground quality, drainage, and trouble spots.
  • Next, we discuss the type of grass best suited to your conditions and needs. Warm and cool seasons, sun or shade, and foot traffic are some factors that impact the ideal turfgrass selection.
  • Once we settle on a grass variety and layout, we develop a turf installation plan tailored to your property. Proper ground prep is crucial before laying sod. We remove old grass, debris, and weeds, level the area, address drainage concerns, and till the soil. Amending the soil ensures healthy root development.
  • We source the best sod transport and install it with great care to reduce transplant shock. We closely monitor moisture levels for the sod and soil before installation and fit the seams tightly fitted to avoid gaps where weeds can sprout. A roller goes over the turf to set it firmly into the ground.
  • We guide you on initial watering and maintenance needs.

With our tried and tested installation process, your new turf will be established quickly, and you’ll have the lawn of your dreams within no time.

Customized Turf Installation Solutions

We offer several turfgrass options to match your landscape vision, and you can choose from these grass varieties:

  • Bermuda - Hardy, drought-resistant, classic summer grass
  • Zoysia - Soft, dense feel with good shade tolerance
  • St. Augustine - Lovely blue-green hue, handles heat and foot traffic
  • Fescue - Fine-bladed texture, retains color in winter

In addition to standard turf sizes, we can create custom sod sizes for unique needs. We offer other services like lawn contouring and drainage installation that help complement your new turf.

Cost-Effective Lawn Installations

Having a stunning lawn doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and we provide superior turf installations at very competitive rates. We pass no hidden fees or charges on to you, and what we quote upfront is what you pay, with no budget surprises down the line. Investing in quality sod dramatically improves your landscape for years of enjoyment. With our affordable pricing, you can upgrade your lawn beautifully and cost-effectively.

Don’t settle for a patchy, lackluster lawn. Our expertise in landscaping helps uplift your landscape. If you want top-quality turf installation, call the DreamScapes experts at 423-886-6565. To write to us, please use this Contact Us form. We are happy to answer all your queries and you will find that our team is proactive in their approach to helping with your needed services.

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