Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance There’s more to lawn maintenance than just mowing and watering the grass. Your lawn needs a surprising amount of effort to continue looking beautiful and fresh. Everyone wants a stretch of lush green grass but very few have the time or the energy to maintain it. If you inadvertently neglect your lawn, one day you’ll wake up to dead grass and ugly brown patches. To avoid this, an increasing number of people are hiring lawn care companies that can maintain their lawns for them.

Many of Dreamscapes LLC’s long term clients in Clinton, Knoxville, Maryville, Oak Ridge and Sevierville maintain lawn service contracts with us. We provide hassle free lawn care, ensuring that yards look green and healthy all the time. We also have new clients in Chattanooga, Farragut, Lenoir City, Newport, Plainview and Seymour who don’t have time to look after their lawns and need professional assistance.

What Does Lawn Maintenance Involve?

Lawn Maintenance

Grass can be surprisingly fragile and if it’s not taken care of, can die quickly. Nearly all lawn care maintenance efforts are focused on keeping the grass healthy and green.

  • Mowing: You need to mow your lawn regularly to maintain the health of the grass; and make sure that you cut no more than 1/3rd of the grass. If you cut the grass too close to the ground, there’s a chance that the grass would be damaged. We generally prefer to leave the clippings in the lawn so that they can degrade naturally and provide the soil some nutrition.

  • Edging: A lawn mower doesn’t cut grass at the edges of your lawn, near the walkways or patios. We use the string trimmer to cut grass here. It’s important to keep the grass near the edges short; otherwise, it might invite pests.

Lawn Maintenance
  • Fertilizing: Generally, we perform seven different fertilization treatments in a year, with varied levels of nutrition in each. Fertilization ensures that the grass grows thick and healthy, which discourages weeds.

  • Liming: It’s important to maintain the right level of pH balance in the soil. Grass requires a pH level of 6.5 to 7, which ensures that it can absorb the nutrients from the soil. By liming your lawn once a year, we maintain that optimal balance.

  • Aeration: Using an aeration machine, we remove small plugs of soil from the surface of your lawn. This promotes the degeneration of thatch and relieves compaction. We generally perform this procedure in fall and follow up with fertilization and seeding, if necessary.

Lawn Maintenance
  • Dethatching: If there’s heavy accumulation of thatch, i.e. dead leaves and twigs, we proceed with dethatching. A heavy layer of thatch can prevent water from reaching the soil underneath. It can also encourage disease and pests.

  • Weed Control: We apply pre-emergent weed control agents to your lawn during springtime to prevent weed growth. If the weeds do emerge, we carry out the post-emergent process and remove the weeds.

We also apply compost, implement disease and pest control and monitor your irrigation systems. If you have any questions regarding our lawn maintenance contracts, get in touch with Dreamscapes LLC by calling us at 423-886-6565 or visit us at our website to get a free estimate.

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